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Middle School

Middle School covers National Curriculum Years 5 and 6.

It is the start of the journey through the Main part of the School, where the children leave the more class based environment of Junior House and start having specialist subject teachers. There are usually three forms in each Year and they are of parallel academic ability. There is some setting: Maths in Year 5; English, Maths and Languages in Year 6, which ensures that the children are taught at the appropriate level and pace in those subjects where confidence can be a particular issue. Year 5 also follow a humanities program which is geared around making the maximum use of our wonderful local heritage.

The strength of the Middle School is the wonderful rapport that the pupils achieve with their Form Tutors; there are two for every class. We work very hard in our PSHE sessions and through our Middle school assemblies to promote friendship and support, and to give them guidance on our expectations both academically and socially.

Middle School