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A Christian heritage with a modern dimension

The ancient Christian roots of the King’s School are clear to see, with the school originally founded by St Augustine in 597 AD. However, our intention at Junior King’s is not just to hold on to history, but rather to aspire to the ethos and standards of Christianity, both formally and informally, in daily school life. In helping to achieve this, the Chaplain works with all four communities that live and work side by side: children, teaching staff, support staff and parents.

There to pick up on problems, encourage, guide, and support, the Chaplain can help pupils to talk about any issues they face and offer the time and privacy to work things through.

There are daily acts of worship at Junior King’s, varying from whole school services at St Nicholas’ Church to house and year group assemblies in the dining room or barn. There are also opportunities for the whole school community to go to the Cathedral each term for occasions such as Confirmation and Carols. On a more informal level, every Wednesday a group of parents, staff and the Chaplain meet for a short act of worship and reflection.