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Pastoral Care

A caring school makes for confident, happy children

Caring for our children is our first priority and we strive to provide a nurturing atmosphere in which each child feels secure, happy and confident. We promote strong and positive relationships between staff and children. We have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour, good manners and consideration for others and these are fundamental school values. Each child is encouraged to develop his or her individuality and to learn that personal freedom comes with responsibility to others. It is our aim that each child is enabled to fully participate in the life of the school and its wider community.

Form teachers play a key role in providing a secure base for each child at various points throughout the school day and are a pivotal link between the family and the school. They also play a fundamental part in our pastoral care. Form teachers are supported by their respective Head of Section and, further up the school, the Heads of Year, who meet weekly to discuss pastoral issues and to ensure the ongoing care of all children. We welcome parents to email form teachers with any issues, pastoral or academic; they will ensure that appropriate support is given.

All children also belong to one of four houses that meet together fortnightly. There are a number of house competitions during the year that generate great excitement. Within each house, pupils’ successes are rewarded and celebrated, and our school values are further explored.

Our children are also a very important part of our pastoral system, with prefects and monitors all working together to ensure the maintenance of a happy and secure community.

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