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Luca and William advance in Townsend-Warner History Prize

It’s been a sensational start to the Summer Term with news coming in that Year 8 pupils Luca and William have been selected to advance to the second round of the prestigious Townsend-Warner History Prize. This is no mean feat. 1,250 prep school pupils across the country entered the first round of the prize, with only the top 255 qualifying for the second round!

With its roots stretching back to 1885, the Prize celebrates the variety and challenges of historical study and encourages participating children to stretch their historical knowledge and analytical writing skills by applying these at a competitive, national level. Unconnected to any formal curriculum, national testing or examinations scheme, the Prize rewards those with a broad knowledge of and passion for history, something we aim to cultivate through our lively, wide-ranging lessons at Junior King’s. 

The prize consists of two rounds. Round one takes the form of a paper with 100 quick-fire questions on British and world history. These can range from questions probing general historical knowledge to more fiendish (and fascinating) historical obscurities. This year, the top score on the paper was 88/100, which only goes to show how tough the first round was! Having studied historical texts for months, Luca and William are truly deserving of their places in the second round, where they will have a chance to show off their flair for writing and the depth of their knowledge in an essay paper. This composition-based second round gives scope to write about particular interests, whilst also providing an opportunity to show off analytical skills, ingenuity and imagination.

Junior King’s has a strong record of achievement year after year in the Prize and we are so proud to have Luca and William representing us in the second round this year. The papers will be taken on 24 May, so we wish them much luck going forwards and congratulate them for their achievements so far.

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