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The Prep school is split into three sections by year group. Each section is led by a Head of Section, who is assisted by a Deputy.

Each Section meets together regularly for an assembly, led by the Head of Section, in which issues relevant to the children’s age are discussed. So too are the children’s achievements celebrated publicly.

Sport is arranged in sections too; the school and House teams are chosen from within the sections.

Junior House (Years 3 and 4 – U9) is led by Louise Anstey-Watson, whose Deputy is Natalie Chandler.

Middle School (Years 5 and 6 – U11) is led by Clare Pattinson, whose Deputy is Kyle Smith.

Upper School (Years 7 and 8 – U13) is led by Ian Mackenzie, whose Deputy is Natasha Mladek.

Junior House small square Junior House   
Middle School small square Middle School   
Upper School small square Upper School   
House System small square House System