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Aims & Ethos

Our Aims

We provide an outstanding skills-based, broad and creative education which opens up a world of possibilities and inspires a love of learning in every child. Independence, critical thinking, the ability to exercise choice and to engage in self-evaluation and reflection are important.

Our pastoral care is a priority and underpins everything we do: we build respect, empathy, self-belief, and self-esteem, so that our children grow in mind, body, and spirit, in a secure and very caring and nurturing environment. 

Good behaviour, positive relationships, respect, readiness, courtesy, and kindness are expected from all members of our school community. We listen to and value the opinions of all the children.

We recognise and develop the individual strengths and potential of each child. We ensure everyone can flourish and develop through a wide array of extra-curricular activities, creative arts and sports opportunities, and we build their self-confidence and resilience. By the time our children leave the school, they are well-rounded, confident, resilient, motivated and forward-thinking young adults, ready to move on to their senior schools of choice.

We maintain a close partnership, effective communication and collaboration with parents over all aspects of their children’s education.

Our Ethos 


Our four core values are at the heart of our school.

The Junior King’s School forms part of the Cathedral Foundation of the King’s School in Canterbury, its roots stretching as far back as AD597 and the arrival of St Augustine’s mission to England. The Christian values of love, kindness, justice, tolerance, respect, honesty, service and trust are encouraged and practised to promote positive relationships throughout the community. We are a Christian school but other faiths and cultures are respected and celebrated. Our children develop greater empathy by helping others in the wider community and through charity contributions.

Every child matters, and we believe that happy children will achieve their full potential, flourish and develop, supported by our high quality, experienced and caring staff.

At Junior King’s we combine tradition with a modern outlook, the local with the international and academic rigour with meeting the needs of all learners.

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